The journey begins…


Ok, I think that’s it. I managed to set up my wordpress blog to be used as a website and blog in two days! I’m actually quite proud of myself for figuring out how all the different pages and categories work. I also created a profile on linkedIn and I think it looks quite impressive – seems that I actually managed to do quite a few things in my life until now ;-). However, one of my next tasks is filling these pages with – hopefully interesting – content about me, my life and my journey and development as a performer, songwriter and professional musician over the the next few months…years…decades?!

I’m gonna be creating links to some musical projects I was a part of during the last year (Featherstone, Vielle, Achicapella…) and I will keep it up to date with new collaborations and ideas.


For those who are interested, there will also be a section about my different ‘homes’, the places where I grew up, my Austrian hometown Innsbruck – where I spent some very happy years, and London – my new home and for now the centre of my life.

The blog will also feature post about my songwriting and thoughts about what’s going on in my musical mindscape.

Ok, that’s it for now! I hope this finds you happy and full of music, life, love and smiles. Keep posted! Claudia 🙂



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