Library Bar

Ok, I better get going writing about my gigs – the first one was almost on month ago ;-). On May 8th 2012 I played my first London gig performing my new songs at the Library Bar’s acoustic night in Islington.

Actually, I was a little bit nervous before this one, because I hadn’t played my songs on acoustic guitar and violin for quite a while. I had spent the whole of April in Austria and hadn’t taken my instruments with me (back home I played on my old classical guitar, which is lovely, but feels quite different to my Tanglewood that I use here in London). Also, I wasn’t sure if I would even be playing on the night, because I booked the slot in March (before going to Austria) and apparently Laurie, the promoter, changed her email address in April and didn’t tell me. So when I tried to email her to confirm if my booking was still on, I couldn’t reach her but kept receiving error messages instead.
However, after calling the venue to check if the night was on we went there anyway. And everything turned out to be fine. The slot was still booked and Laurie and Dan (sound guy) seemed to really enjoy our performance. Laurie offered to maybe play a longer slot another time, so I hope to be playing there again soon.

I was very happy to have my brother Martin with me on the evening, who came all the way from Austria to support me at my first London gigs. My London friends Carmen and Andre came down as well, and Carmen brought some Chinese friends, so I had a lovely little crowd to perform to.

The venue itself is located near Highbury&Islington station (two minutes walk) and it is a really nice place, decorated with loads of books, leather sofas dotted around the place and some seating outside for smokers. The serve lovely thai food there too.
Unfortunately you can’t see the stage from the area next to the bar, but I think you could still hear the music ok there. The monitor sound on stage could have been better, I couldn’t hear myself very well when singing. I think I was still doing ok, but judge for yourself – here is a video of Sunil and me performing my song “you’re not gonna sleep tonight” live at the Library bar. I hope you enjoy it!


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