The King’s

There you go – another gig review 🙂

I played my second gig on 10th May at the ‘King’s‘ in Islington. It’s actually not that easy to get there. On the pub’s homepage it is called ‘King’s Head‘, and not only are there hundreds of thousands of Pubs called ‘King’s Head‘ in London, there’s another one quite on a parallel street to our ‘King’s‘. Quite a few of my friends fell for that, some of them even missed my set because of this mix-up. 😦
The actual ‘King’s‘  is opposite the ‘Old Queen’s Head‘… (why are English people always using their royal skulls as pub names?) …where I played the first gig with Vicki and Sunil (Vielle) in November last year. If you ever want to go there, make sure you’re on Essex Road! 😉

Anyway, the event was a featured open mic night, hosted by pluggedin switchedon, free entry, and I got to play a 20 minutes slot. We arrived there at half seven and we met Iain, the promoter who is also doing the sound for his events himself. Iain is a very nice guy, who really knows his stuff. Sunil already knew him and he had told me before that the sound would be very good. 🙂 Iain has booked us for some more nights in other places now, and I’m really looking forward to those gigs!

Right, there at half seven, on at nine….what to do? Food! And drinks! Burgers, thai food, cider, beer… (thai food again, why is it that all the pubs suddenly go thai?) I had a lovely burger, hot and greasy, perfect to stop you from breathing properly when singing, but who cares when they’re hungry! 😉 And then…all of a sudden… Elvis came up to our table and started to sing. Yes, Elvis! 😮
Ok, it was some old guy who thought he could sing like Elvis and even introduced himself as Elvis…weird, but fun! He told us he would be singing at half nine, and I just had to post as a Facebook status update: “Elvis is so not dead! He’s at the King’s and he’s on after us!” [my brother later added the comment: “He killed the king!“….well, I didn’t think it was that bad…just…not good either… and he only did one song 😆 ]

Sorry, got a little distracted there. What else? How about I tell you what we played?
our setlist for the gig at the King’s:

  • where’s your love my love
  • stuck (+glockenspiel)
  • the other side
  • kingdom far far away (+violin)
  • you’re not gonna sleep tonight

It’s the same songs that we played at the Library, but (on the suggestion of my friend and fellow songwriter Andre) we changed the order a little. At the Library we played ‘the other side‘ first, but apparently people are very surprised to hear the sound of the glockenspiel in stuck and it makes them listen more closely, so it totally made sense to play it earlier.

Quite a few people came down to hear us play: my brother, three of my Austrian London friends, Pia (the girl I met up with at platform 9 3/4, remember?), a German web developer whom I had only just made friends with the day before, three of Sunil’s friends and later on three more of my London friend’s (who didn’t hear our set, because they were at the other ‘King’s Head‘ first) …that makes 12 people who came down to support us for our second gig! 🙂 Thank you guys! It really feels great to perform to people I know and like!

This time I wasn’t nervous at all, I just enjoyed playing, having people listen and seeing their reactions… and Iain really did a great job tweaking the sound.
Also, it was great to have Sunil on stage with me. I think it makes it easier to start gigging when there’s someone else on stage with you.
To sum up the whole evening: great fun, great sound, great people! More of it please! 🙂


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