Surrey unsigned – brooklands radio, 3.6.2012

Well, with the jubilee madness almost over I think it’s time for another post! I guess some of you guys know what I did on Sunday evening? YES, exactly, I did my very first UK radio interview and live studio session!

I had a great time at Brooklands Radio, reading out the weather forecast (just about), talking to David Durant, singing a few of my songs and meeting lovely singer Lindsay Ullmann who was there as a studio guest before me. Will Goodwin took a few pictures, and lovely people from all different places were passing their comments on David’s Facebook page throughout the show:

  • Lisa Vonh: thoroughly luffly girl claudia – love the giggle in your voice 🙂 x
  • Lisa Vonh: (havent even heard you sing yet!!!!) x
  • Lisa Vonh: lovely – hints of stina nordenstam 🙂 x 
  • Peter Kent: Nice sounds Claudia
  • Simone Lindtner: PFIAT DI – she will love it and will remind her of Austria! :)))
  • Dieter Sander: Lovely song, Claudia! Claps
  • Lisa Vonh: s’very pretty x 
  • Peter Kent: Pfiat Di Claudia

My lovely Austrian friends posted their comments on brooklands radio’s official facebook page:

And after the show David showed me what my brother had mailed to brooklands radio during the show:

From: Martin Johannes Heidegger
Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2012 8:46 PM
Subject: how cool is that? my sister’s on the radio!!!

listening to your program. really enjoying it! greetings from Papa, Stefan. Exe, Luca and me to my herzallerliebtes Schwesterle!!!
Martin and the rest 😉

So, what more can I say? It feels just great to know that there are so many people out there who like what I’m doing and who encourage me to keep cutting my own path!

Thanks to everyone for all the love and support! You guys are seriously amazing!!! 😀

And for everyone who couldn’t listen to the show live, I put a cropped version of the show on my soundcloud (just the parts where I’m talking to David, singing and reading the weather ;-), but it’s still about 30 min long!) Enjoy!


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