Sunday gigs :-)

Still some reviewing to do! 🙂 Unfortunately I had to cancel the gig with “Come down and meet the folks” on 13th May, so the first gig Sunday gig was on the 20th of May at the Austrian Catholic Centre in London. The ACC is a lovely and homely place where I go every now and then to meet Austrian friends and drink proper coffee with cake. 😉 When I first moved to London I lived in the house for a couple of weeks, until I found a flat to stay. I met many of my Austrian London friends there and it is a nice little community and sometimes my “home away from home”.

I did an unplugged gig at the weekly Sunday afternoon coffee gathering. It was a great experience to play completely unplugged and it was lovely to have quite a few people come down to hear me play!


Another great experience I want to share with you quite took me by surprise, when meeting up with lovely Bella George for an open mic night near Victoria Park on the following Sunday (27.5.) We met at eight, suspecting nothing too special, but oh how wrong we were! 🙂 Upon arrival we were greeted by the uplifting sounds of nothing less than a 15-piece (!) brass band who came all the way from Paris for the weekend and showed up at the open mic night to everybody’s surprise! These guys were just amazing!

the brass band from Paris

The next performer was a guy singing old songs and Jazz standards, accompanying himself deliciously understated on guitar. I especially lived his versions of “Crazy” and “You are always on my mind”.

Before the third performer went on stage, a lovely little girl jumped on stage and started to sing “Happy Birthday” 🙂 however, she stopped singing just before the last “Happy Birthday to you“, but didn’t realize there was something missing. Joe (who hosted the night) tried to ‘help’ her sing the end, but that made her start from the beginning again :-). This time, when she stopped before the last line again, the whole pub finished the song together 🙂 so cute…! 😀

After my own set (I did Laura Marling’s ‘Alas I cannot swim’, my ‘Where’s your love my love?’, ‘The other side’, ‘Kingdom far far away’, Alanis Morissette’s ‘your house’, ‘no reason to reason’, and Ellie Goulding’s ‘guns and horses’ – wow, I only just realized how many songs I played there…quite a set for an open mic!) we sat down at a table with some polish people. The couple told us that they got engaged just the week before (best wishes to both of them!) and the other guy told me, that as soon as I started to play he sent the other one home to get a camera (they live very close to the pub, but anyway – how sweet is that?!?).

And to end a perfect evening, the brass band played a last set and soon had the whole pub dancing! There was literally no one left sitting and everybody seemed to have a great time!!! I had sooooo much fun on that night! 🙂

Well, guess what? We will go there again! The night is happening about every last sunday of the month. Obviously we can’t expect a french brass band every time but the whole atmosphere of this place was just amazing! Next time Bella needs to play too! By the way, performers get a free drink, and the pizzas looked delicious…


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