Vibe Bar, 21.5.2012

Ok, I’m getting there 🙂

On 21st May I played my second gig with Iain from pluggedin switchedon, this time at Vibe Bar, Brick Lane. Outside the venue I met Liam, a songwriter from South Africa who recently moved to London and who was to play the first set of the evening. I had seven people come down to hear me play, which is not so bad! (Thomas – who works at the ACC – and his friend Tina, Marek and Pia, Sean (Jones 2.0.) who Sunil also plays with and Catherine, who organises Hapstead Heath Community Festival and came to the Vibe Bar to see if my music would fit the bill for the festival, with a singer songwriter friend of hers. I really enjoyed Liam set – if you want to check out his music, here’s the link: Liam Modlin on Soundcloud

Sunil couldn’t drink any alcohol as he was taking painkillers (somehow he hurt his leg), so I bought him a cranberry juice…which he immediately spilled all over the table! 😉 And right before we went on stage I caught my finger in the toilet door…!!! (ouch…) It was quite painful and not exactly beneficial to my picking skills… (it was the index finger of my right hand) …so as you might have guessed, my performance wasn’t the best I’ve ever done, but I think I still did ok – at least people seemed to enjoy it. 😉 Also, Catherine liked my set and I will be playing at the Hampstead Heath Community Festival in summer!

Here’s a pic of my first gig at the Vibe Bar:


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