acoustic and unplugged at the Cavendish Arms

On 30th May I headed south of the river where I had the pleasure to play a completely unplugged set in a truly magical venue: the Cavendish Arms (Stockwell)!
It was actually my first gig in South London and I realised that quite a few of my friends/fans are living south and would rather have me play closer to their homes more often….well, let’s see!
The Cavendish Arms is a colourfully enchanted place, with Alice-in-Wonderlandish-weird decorations (oversized playing cards, little dolls and goblins) and a lovely outside area with tables and benches, and a ‘dead secret garden’ with ‘vintage christmas trees’ for sale. 🙂 I immediately fell in love with the quirky curiosity of that place 🙂

On the night I met loads of interesting and inspiring people! Liam – whom I met at Vibe Bar – was performing too, this time with another singer – Hannah (another genuinely lovely person). Catherine’s (from Hampstead Heath Festival) singer songwriter friend was there and played a few songs. And there was Renny Field, an Australian singer songwriter who is a great singer and writes amazing tunes!

A big thank you to everybody who came down to support me! Carmen, Angel and Sergio with Jono and João, Melany and her friend… it was great seeing you guys!

After the evening was finished we went outside again and played a few more songs with a bunch of Italian people! What a great night! 🙂

The Cavendish Arms also got a nice backroom with a little stage and I will perform there on Friday 13th of July 🙂 when emailing Tristan of Cavendish Arms about the new booking and details about the backroom he replied:

“Hey there! Great to have you and your friends down. what a nice group of mates you have! …. ” and I couldn’t agree any more! 😉


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