the luxe live, 23.5.2012

Another gig I played was on the 23rd of May in the basement at ‘the Luxe’. Sunil couldn’t make it to this one, because his leg got worse and he couldn’t even walk anymore, so I played my set alone.
I was on as the first act and I liked the venue a lot, but unfortunately there were not many people there to listen. The venue was actually quite packed on the ground floor and outside – but the weather was so nice on that day that nobody seemed to want to go inside… However, I was glad that some of my friends from Uni came to support me (Patrice, Kai & Ellie)! And there was a  kissing couple sitting right next to the stage, but that was about it. Anyway, the venue is really nice and I am looking forward to playing there again on the 4th of July!

I didn’t bring a lead for my guitar to the gig, but made a mental note to finally buy one! 😉

By the way, on the flyer that lists all the venue’s events for the May and June they got my last name wrong,

but on the posters for the evening that I saw at the toilets (!) it was spelled correctly!

So I guess I’ll take what I get 😆

And after my set the lovely (and presumably Italian) barkeeper gave me a delicious cocktail for free: Rosemary Martini! If you ever get the change to try one, go for it, it tastes amazing! 😉


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