the Enterprise

Had my laptop in the laptop hospital last week, so apologies for playing dead on my blog… 😉

Where was I? Oh, yes – on 31.5. I was booked to play a 30min slot for ‘bignote London‘ at ‘the Enterprise‘ in Camden, that’s a pub right next to Chalk Farm tube station. The stage was in a tiny little room upstairs, where I met the probably loveliest soundguy ever. Sadly I don’t remember his name, but he was great! A whiter-haired, full-bearded old man who didn’t seem to be fazed about anything – he just did his job and wouldn’t let anyone stress him out. 🙂 Two of the four acts scheduled to play didn’t turn up before half seven (which should have been my stage time), I recognised the singer of the band Kruk (they played at ‘the Luxe’ on 23.5. too), who was performing alone on the night – same as last time I saw him, he handed out the band’s album for free.

The last band was really cool – Cameron Cole and the RS! I talked to the drummer during the soundchecks, he said this would be his first ever gig, so I was really surprised at how good they were! The lead singer was talking in rhymes, with a kind of ‘Rocky-Horror-Show-meets-Willy-Wonka-attitude:

There were hardly any people at the venue. Quite unexpected, as the promoter demanded “a minimum draw of 10 people for solo acts” (20 for bands), also he asked the acts not to book any other London gigs within two weeks of the gig. I knew that I couldn’t guarantee to bring 10 people (I play quite a lot now and I can’t expect people to come to every gig, can I? …Carmen? Pia? ;-)), but I emailed him (Marc Johnson) beforehand and explained my situation:

“I’m only just starting to build my fanbase in London and at the moment it wouldn’t make sense for me to go a longer period without gigging. Also, I’ve already booked some gigs before the 31th. Considering that as an artist I’m still new to London (I’m playing my first gigs this week) I can not guarantee to bring 10 people to the gig. However, I will obviously try to get as many people to come as possible. If you are fine with that, I’d be happy to confirm the 31st.”

Well, he was ok with it, but I can’t imagine that he knew the other acts wouldn’t bring any people. In the end the audience consisted of the musicians, three of my fans and about five fans for the last band. That was seriously it. I talked to Marc afterwards, he told me that on this night he lost money (obviously he had to pay to rent the place, and £5/person isn’t that profitable if there’s only eight people paying…)

I know that this really is an issue promoters have to be careful about – but it’s not a good situation for both sides. An example for that is an email I got from another promoter who didn’t book me (but managed to be really lovely about it ;-)):

“hi Claudia, lovely sounds but we tend to put on artists who play a little less regularly so that they can attract audience to their gigs with us. Its a tricky one, I think artists should play as much as possible but seeing as we put on new acts if we have too many who play too regularly then we get little audience and therefore little passing trade too. Good luck with it all.”

It really is a tricky situation for everyone involved! But I’ll just keep performing keep performing and I hope that the more I play the more people will hear me and hopefully like my music and in time there will be more and more people coming to my gigs! 🙂

Along these lines, thank you for listening, for enjoying music and for getting involved! 😉


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