‘6 of the best’ showcase, Vibe Bar

Hey guys! My life is quite busy at the moment (I love it!!), so this is gonna be a very short one, sorry about that!
Ok, on 6.6. we played 6 of the best showcase at Vibe Bar! …wow, that’s a lot of sixes…! 😉 Iain of pluggedin switchedon asked us to perform at his monthly showcase event at Vibe Bar, and obviously we were more than happy to do so!
We opened the night at eight o’clock, there were some little problems with Sunil’s wire (or battery? who knows…) during the set, but it was great fun to play there again! Also, the bands that were on after us were all really good! We got to hear a lovely female fronted ‘rockabilly-band’ who almost seemed to be born in the wrong decade 😉 and there was a band called ‘the name’, who told us before that they would sound ‘weird’…well, they did, but not in a bad way! 🙂 (loads of electronic sounds, kalimba, saxophone and a singer…!)

It’s always a pleasure to play at Iain’s events and I hope there will be loads more in the future, so keep checking my event on Facebook! 😉

By the way, tomorrow is the the night of our BANM showcase “HIGHER” !!!:

“We would love to invite you to the British Academy of New Music’s end of year showcases ‘HIGHER’ on Tuesday June 19th at the newly refurbished Proud Camden (South Gallery).
We are presenting a plethora of talent from our Foundation Degree (Popular Musician). It is invite only, so make sure you get your name on the list, specifying which date you wish to attend, email lulu.levay@accestomusic.co.uk.
We have no specific performance times for the acts, each band/artist will be performing 2-3 songs each. The idea is to come for the night – share our love of music and meet our staff and students.
You can take a look at previous events on our social networking links on this event’s page (a rosy-cheeked Ed Sheeran can be seen performing at the launch of Higher in 2009 at the Rich Mix in Bethnal Green, go check it!). Our friends at Breakout in association with Music Week will be judging the showcases, the winning act gets to perform on the main stage at Breakout on Wednesday July 11th.”

It would be great to see you guys there! So make sure you’re name is on the list, and let’s get partying!!! 🙂


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