the Nambucca

This was actually a weird one… I emailed a guy called Dave who offered me a slot at the “Nambucca’s acoustic night”. It sounded quite good to me – I had been at the venue before, because my friend Kai played there for the Single launch of his band “Esprit D’Air“. Four days before the gig I emailed Dave again to confirm soundcheck and stage times, he told me it would be “Load in is from 5pm with soundchecks through till doors at 7pm. Stage time is 10:30pm.” Half ten? Really? …well, ok…

…I have a confession to make. I’m one of the people who google themselves..! Quite narcissistic, I know. But I can always say I do it for “professional reasons”! πŸ˜‰ LOL
No, really, it’s quite cool! I’m really lucky with my name, because it seems to be quite unique! The last time I checked I was the only person of my name on Facebook, I know there’s a doctor somewhere in Switzerland or so who is called Claudia Heidegger, but that’s about it. That’s great, because it means I’m not only searchable, but also very findable on the internet! (Am I making up words now, or is this actually English?)
Anyway, when I googled myself before the gig there was a link coming up – to ticketweb, where you could buy tickets for the night (Β£3)! I think that’s quite cool! My very first gig where you could buy tickets online….and not only that, someone actually did! πŸ™‚ (Thanks for that, my dear! …she was the only one, I asked!)

Where was I? Stage time 10:30, that actually makes us the headliner, doesn’t it? Soundchecks from five….when we arrived there at quarter past six the Pub was all locked up… we got in through the back door 15min later, because some delivery guy brought food…for some guys who were sitting in the locked pub and watching the Football game (Engl vs France).Β The game was on until 7, ergo no soundcheck ;-). What now? Drinks! And pizza. Waiting. Some more drinks.

The first band on was actually amazing! They’re called Cheshire and the Cat, they’re from Nottingham, they’re great and you should check them out!

I can’t remember the name of the guy who was on next…a punk playing electric ukulele and looping things…

Then it was Sam Ward whom Sunil’s friend Chris aptly described as “Neil Diamond meets the Pogues” πŸ™‚

The next act, Nick Woods, …didn’t show up. But as it was 10 min before his stage time, we weren’t allowed to go on earlier, because they wanted to make sure we really wouldn’t come… (???!). By the way, Dave, the guy who booked me, wasn’t even there, so we couldn’t really figure out who was in charge. Maybe no one was. When we finally were allowed to go on stage there were about ten people left in the Pub. But I wasn’t bothered, because… ok, time for another confession:

I played my first drunken gig at the Nambucca. Having trouble keeping my mouth near the microphone, forgetting all the lyrics, giggling while singing, the whole gamut! I had fun though! When we finally went on we were told we could play ‘as long as we wanted’, so we played some more covers than usual and ended the gig with a jam on violin and guitar over a medley of the songs we played for Vicki (Vielle – where I first met Sunil). It turned out to be a great night! Making new friends, having a laugh, feeling alive…what more could you probably need? πŸ™‚

(by the way, guys, if anyone got some pictures of the night, could you please send them to me? thx a bunch πŸ˜‰ xx)

Oh, I totally forgot to mention: this was the first gig where Sunil switched the acoustic for his electric guitar! Quite a different feel to it, really cool!!! πŸ™‚


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