Softly Softly

Ha! And there I was thinking the blog would update itself….

The day after the Nambucca gig I played an unplugged acoustic gig at ‘Kiss the Sky’ bar in Hampstead Heath. Well, actually no longer ‘Kiss the Sky’, the bar had just been taken over, so it was no longer called Kiss The Sky – in fact it hadn’t even got a sign, so I had trouble to find it myself 🙂

Annie, the woman who ran the night, had described the night to me via email as follows:

“The room is full of old, mismatched furniture and lamps, and the event is completely unplugged. There is a tiny stage which we decorate with flowers. We have candles and marshmallows too, and it’s very friendly with an attentive audience.
There is no headliner – each act is equal, regardless of experience/fame etc to encourage a feeling of sharing music, rather than being a star performer, if you see what I mean. It works brilliantly and everyone seems to enjoy the format.”

She also asked me to make sure that I would bring five people down to listen to me. I didn’t really think about it that much, because at the last few gigs there were always about five people, so I thought, if I just advertise this one a little more it should be no problem at all….it so didn’t work out. The only one who came to hear me was my lovely guitarist Sunil (who didn’t play with me only because the event was completely unplugged).
However, there were quite a few people in total and it was a great place and a lovely athmosphere to perform in.

Here are some pictures of my performance at ‘softly softly’:


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