Proud Camden

On Saturday 16th June in the afternoon I set out to play my longest set so far: a 45 min slot at Proud Camden. The event as called “diff’rent folks mini festival” and it was a whole afternoon of live music on two stages – we were playing outside, at the ‘acoustic stage’. To make sure that we had enough material I met up with Sunil beforehand to practice (something we never really do 😉 …) and to learn some covers. We were scheduled to play at 4:30, I arrived one hour before to get everything settled and then I went for a stroll through Camden market….and came back with a new dress! What a nice way to start a gig! 😉
Another thing that was great about the gig: it almost felt as if we were getting paid: 2 free beers, free burgers and £14 gathered from a tip bucket 🙂 I ‘recycled’ 😉 some of the money when the bucket was going around again for the next band: Sparky in the Clouds were on after us, they are amazing! (two sisters singing and a guitarist, based in Paris) I think their next UK gig will be at Secret Garden Festival, go and see them there if you can!

Sparky in The Clouds

Quite a few people came down to hear me play, one of them was Liam, I think I mentioned him before (I heard him play at the ‘Cavendish Arms’ – he’s doing quite well and managed to secure a concert supporting the Proclaimers in August!), and there was Joe, who organised the open mic at the Lauriston where I went with Bella…

After the gig me and some friends stayed in Camden, first at the Shisha Place at the entrance of the stables, then we went dancing at “Cuban” 🙂 and it was a great night!


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