the Horatia

Ok, next one…I’m seriously one month behind!!!  But don’t you worry, I will catch up! Promise!
Our first gig at Iain’s (pluggedin switchedon) new venue the Horatia really was a memorable evening! A genuinely weird mix of acts, but what a lovely freakshow it was! 🙂

Kumi KazeWatanabe was the first act we had the pleasure to listen to on that night. She’s a lovely lady with a great voice and she uses very unique and special sounds. Check her out when you get the chance!

With the next act we were in for a special treat! An ‘elderly Gentleman’ who was dressed up as a fairy, sang us a few tunes – this was one of them (that’s not him, I found this one on youtube, but the performance was quite similar)

Next one on was Kosmic Troubadour whom I had already seen perform at the Vibe Bar – this is what he sounds like:

What I particularly like about him is that he always tries to get the audience involved and he usually brings loads of percussion instruments for people to make some noise with 🙂

And then it was us – Sunil brought his electric guitar again and he recorded our set.
There you go, enjoy! :


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