back to the Library Bar

On 20th June I came back to the Library Bar (where I played my very first official London gig) to play another set. Carmen and me had lovely thai food again and this time even my outfit was adapted for the venue…I was wearing little book earrings. 🙂
I seized the opportunity to try out a new song and a new instrument and performed “tell me your dreams” on ukulele! 🙂 I wrote this song when I was recording my EP in february. I had left my guitar in the studio and was getting bored at home, so I bought a very cheap ukulele, taught myself a few chords and came up with a song, strangely about a relationship that ended when the woman lost a child…it’s not that obvious in the song, but that was the story that was going on in my mind, don’t ask me why… (here’s the lyrics)

I met some lovely people on the night, amongst others there were Singer Songwriter Ping Loong Wong alias Loong who is on a china tour right now, and Julian Mann, another British Songwriter.


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