the Workshop

Ok, time to tell you about another gig I’ll make no mention of how far behind I am…ok, you’re right, I just did. Anyway, I’m trying! Honestly! 😉

On July 2nd I played a set at “The Workshop”, the downstairs area of Roadtrip Bar near Old Street. It’s a great place and they do lovely cocktails – there’s only one problem: the pub and the outside area are so nice that no one really bothers to come downstairs, even when there’s great music on. 😉

Well, not many people to perform to, but I had a great time anyway. And, I finally met my long time Facebook friend Gianmarco Mesticella of “Marco and the Daydream House” in person. In February a mutual friend of ours introduced us via Facebook and we did chat online quite a few times (I actually found him a keyboarder for his band and told him about the “Artist Development Course” at the British Academy of Music – he will start the course in September), but we never managed to meet in real life until July 2nd, when were both booked to play at the same place! 🙂

Having said that….I’m tired! 😉 Sweet dreams! 🙂 [sorry about the links…thought I’d give you something to do, the post being quite short and all that]


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