Bar Vinyl

First things first: tomorrow is my birthday and on Friday I will play a gig at the Constitution in Camden! – who is coming down to celebrate with me? 🙂

 Do something stupid and maybe I will write about you! 😉 – or better yet, do something inspiring and maybe I write a song about you! 😉

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you about another venue in Camden! I played there on July 3rd, 24th and August 28th… (yep, you got me, the last one didn’t happen yet)

Bar Vinyl is a lovely little place on Inverness Street, where one Zaid Joseph (lovely guy!) hosts acoustic nights on tuesdays:

“Zarathustras presents ‘CAMDEN ACOUSTIC CLUB’ Acoustic Showcase every Tuesday evening featuring the very best in indie/soul/funk/rock and pop artists from the Zarathustras rostar of up and coming and unsigned talent.
Great sounds and vibes old and new, make sure this a popular knockout  latest ‘live music’ FREE ENTRY venue.
It boasts of singer-songwriters from all around the world that perform for 20 mins mostly original songs and a few covers acoustically!
Zarathustras has been hosting live music events for over 12 years now in the Capital and we continue to serve Musicians, Venues & Music lovers alike.” (

Free drink and pizza for performers (yep, that’s me!) and cocktail happy hour until nine (yep, that’s you!) ;-). The first time I played there I forgot the lyrics for “Kingdom Far Far Away”  and started to laugh halfway through the song. Everybody started to clap and laugh as I tried to finish, but I couldn’t remember the words, not with all the will in the world – so I just told them if they wanted to hear the whole song with correct lyrics, they had to download it from bandcamp. 🙂  I had a great time playing there and it definitely wasn’t the last time! Ok, obvioulsy, as I already told you I played there again and I will also play there next week… are you gonna come? 🙂


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