my huge little crowd at the Regal Room

Ooh, what happened there? I almost forgot to tell you about one of my favourite gigs that I’ve played so far!

At the end of June I spent a week in Norway with my friend Carmen – we were mainly exploring Oslo, but we also saw some of the countryside and we went hiking in a big National park… it really looked like Austria there! But anyway, that’s another story to be told another time…. This post is about the day we flew back to London, June 29th. I was booked to play a gig at the Regal Room – a very popular place to perform at and highly recommended by Renny Field, a songwriter from Australia who is living in the UK at the moment. I met him when playing at the Cavendish Arms for the first time and he was kind enough to forward me some of his email contacts and tell me about his favourite places to perform in London! By the way, Renny just launched a new album ‘Field Notes’! Have a listen:

The Regal Room is the sister venue of Balham’s legendary live music venue ‘The Bedford’. To secure a slot to play I promised to bring at least 10 people to support me. You remember my unplugged gig at ‘Kiss the Sky Bar’ in Hampstead Heath? It was the first time I promised to bring a minimum amount of fans (though only five) and it turned out to be a complete flop! Well, having learnt from past experiences I made this one a little experiment and literally did my damnedest to promote the night at the Regal Room (that involved annoying everyone with loads of directly addressed emails, text messages and all other kinds of stalking).

The thing is, you never know what to expect when performing at a new venue and also how seriously you should take those demands to pull a minimum crowd…: There were four people scheduled to play on the night. When I arrived there was only one other performer (David Grout), the two other acts apparently just couldn’t be bothered to show up! Well…David brought his Dad as an audience (which is lovely, but still…). [By the way, usually there is a webcast of the Regal Room Shows, but just on this evening their internet broke down, so my friends back home in Austria couldn’t watch the gig.]

Anyway, my efforts turned out to seriously bear fruit! It helped, that the venue is in walking distance to the Austrian Catholic Centre where I spent two weeks when looking for a flat in London. I made quite a few friends there, many of them came to the gig and they also brought other Austrians they met there! Also, some of ‘my regulars’ 😉 came down to support me and the place got quite busy in the end!

Seeing that there were just two acts on, David and I were told that we could play as long as we wanted and in the and I was playing pretty much my own gig with two support acts! Yes, two, because I got my lovely friend Bella from Shotgun Otto to open the night for us, playing a few of her own songs as a surprise act! 🙂

It was such a great night! I was playing every original song I could think of and also some covers and I seriously struggle to describe how good it felt to perform to my biggest crowd so far, knowing that they were all there because of me! 🙂 Ok, I’m gonna stop now, as I don’t really know what more to say…thank you guys!!! You are amazing and I love you all! Life is good! Let’s keep it that way! 🙂


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