Powers Bar

On July 9th I performed at the open mic night at Powers Bar in Kilburn. There were hardly any people in the audience, but on this evening I could welcome some special guests: Jonas (from a country close to the Netherlands: Belgium!) and Lisa (from Germany). The two of them were on holiday in London and Jonas – who had been listening to my live radio session at Brooklands Radio –  looked up my gig dates and brought his friend to hear me perform! Isn’t that amazing….I so love the internet! 😉 Anyway – there were quite weird people in the audience, i.e. one merrily pixilated guy with a cowboy hat who put £5 inside my shoes while I was playing (thankfully he couldn’t reach any higher, otherwise I would be forced to invent the term ‘musical hooker’) The same guy then almost started a fight with another lubricated character during the next song… Strangely enough I really enjoyed playing to this tiddly bunch, as it reminded me not to take things too seriously all the time – after all, it’s about the music, about being happy, about feeling alive and experiencing life in every moment! 🙂

After finishing my set I went to talk with Jonas and Lisa who turned out to be genuinely lovely people! 🙂 Also, Jonas took loads of pictures and videos, here’s a few of them:


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