George And Vulture

On 11.7. I went to play a new venue, the “George & Vulture” near Old Street. My lovely friends Carmen came down to support me and was rewarded with delicious Pizza and a song she’d never heard before! 😉
The organisation of the gig was – well, guess what? Surprise, surprise, when I arrived I was told that I wouldn’t be on the list of performers for the night…but someone didn’t show up so if I wanted to play I should just get on stage! (someone please care to explain the difference between this and and open mic night?) Anyway, it was a lovely pub, well attended, the sound was fine, the food was amazing, people seemed to enjoy the music and I could play for half an hour.
Amongst others I played an older song of mine that I knew Carmen hadn’t heard before and I dedicated the performance to her always being there to support me [she really is one of my most faithful supporters and she must have heard most of my songs about a million times now]. The ‘new/old’ song is called ‘sit and watch‘ and in the chorus I’m using the phrase ‘with my face in the dirt (…)’. Apparently she found it kind of funny that I would sing this song for her… 😉 no offense! 😉


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