Double Gig – Annie’s Bar, Bar Vinyl

Wow, I can’t really stop on this one either now…sorry guys! The ending of the last post sounded quite bad…but it wasn’t really…just a little too much emotion in a weird mood…

Anyway, I’m gonna try one more, and this one really should be fun!

On July 24th I accidentally double booked myself! Luckily the two venues were quite close to each other (within walking distance from Camden Town tube station) and I did manage to play both gigs in one night!

The first one was another acoustic night at Bar Vinyl (Inverness Street) where I played a set on guitar – quite a few people came there to see me, and after I’d finished they all followed me to my second gig at Annie’s Bar, where some more people were waiting to hear me play.

Are you wondering why so many people made it down? Well, this second gig was quite special to me and I made sure everybody knew about it, as I was playing a completely different set than usually on – guess what? – a white grand piano! I enjoyed it so much! I had really missed playing the piano (…had to sell my piano before moving to London). I played two covers (Roots, Mad World) and two original songs (Tomorrow, Your Picture) and at the end of the night I was called back on stage to play an encore (on guitar). Then Iain (who hosted the night) was performing Radiohead’s Creep and I joined in on the piano, jamming along… what a night! 🙂 I really hope that I get to play the piano again sometime soon!


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