Halfmoon Putney

OK, I don’t want to finish on this last post – let me tell you about one more gig at a venue I was really looking forward to playing. I had been there before – in January, when a friend of mine had co-organised and held a fundraising concert for Amnesty International there, featuring Ryan O’Reilly and Emily of Emily and the Woods, and I fell in love with the stage and the atmosphere straight away!

It’s ‘the Halfmoon‘ in Putney and if you’ve ever been there you will know why I love it so much! The stage is lovely (not too small, but not too big either) with the audience sat on candlelit tables, the whole venue just feels completely right!

I played there on July 16th and the other artists on the bill were amazing people! I met ‘Nomi and the Points‘ (they just did a little tour through Germany – Nomi, the singer is German) whose uplifting feel-good sounds are definitely worth checking out, and also Daniel Leigh, playing a kind of retro acoustic folk sound.

For some reason I was feeling hugely (and weirdly) emotive on the night. I almost felt like crying on stage and I had to force myself to really concentrate not to get lost in the moment and keep singing…

It was a very emotional gig and when I got off stage I just felt like leaving, but suddenly everybody wanted to talk to me – I had never got such loads of positive feedback after a gig before. People called my music beautiful, haunting, honest, capturing, innocent, fragile… many of them wanted to buy CDs (or told me how I really should get some)… On the next day I even got messages on Facebook praising “the poetry, the truth and the vulnerability” of my singing…

I’m not saying that it didn’t feel good to hear all this, but the strange mood I was in made it quite hard to deal with all this overwhelming appreciation.

On the ground of having to catch a train I excused myself and left. As soon as I was outside I started to cry…luckily it was raining…


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