The Arc-Olympics

On July 27th, the night of the Olympics opening ceremony, I was booked to play at ‘the Arc’ in Angel. Would have…been… supposed to play (or something like that)…

As usual I arrived quite early – I really should stop being on time! Slowly but surely it gets annoying that people always tell you to be at the venues much earlier than the time they really expect you to arrive… When there was no one there to do a soundcheck I went for a little walk – at least strolling around in Angel is a nice way of killing time – and when I came back I had pizza (yum!) and cider. While I was sitting there enjoying my dinner the venue’s TVs got turned on and they started to show the live screening of the opening ceremony.

Watching people’s reaction I swiftly started to doubt that there would be live music later! (It’s odd how patriotic people suddenly become for such events)
Also, I was genuinely impressed by the show myself and therefore wasn’t too eager to actually perform. 😉 In fact, I almost felt proud of the ceremony myself – I might have even felt a little British (brit-ish 😉 ) and ‘Kingdom far far away’ suddenly wasn’t that far away anymore… 🙂

However, I met an interesting, funny and obviously quite drunk group of people who invited me to drink with them – champagne, as they had good reason to celebrate: one of their friends had become a dad for the first time!!! (a perfect little baby girl – I saw the photos on the godfather-to-be’s phone several times on that evening 🙂 )
I had planned to stay at the venue anyway, because I knew it would be my friend Pia‘s last night in London and she had promised to come to the venue later (she had gone to see a play at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre with some friends before meeting up) – hence I happily joined the party!

When I checked with the promoter if the performances were going down as planned he started to frantically apologize (why the big fuss? it was quite obvious that live music wasn’t gonna happen anyway) and he offered to buy me drinks… [well, more free drinks? – ok, actually I was ‘genuinely disappointed’…and…err…and…well… thank you, cheers!] 😉

After quite a few more drinks, millions of “my friend has a baby girl, let me show you her picture“, and quadrillions of stupid chat-up lines, my friends arrived and we had some farewell drinks. And some hours later I was heading home…tipsy, impressed, weirdly ‘kind-of-patriotic’, tired, and happy. 🙂

A multi segment panoramic image of the London ...


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