I started another blog, mainly for university, but I hope to get some new ideas and to get a clearer picture of how I want to define myself as an artist. The blog is called “songsandwordsandthoughts – what I actually wanted to say”

My first post is about how I don’t really know where my musical ideas come from. Or any ideas, in fact. Are we even able to think any thoughts of our own, or is everything we do just rearranging what has already been there?

Do you know TED talks? Recently I came across this one:

I like the approach that an ‘idea’ is not a sudden ‘stroke of light’, but rather a long process that happens mostly unconsciously in our minds. That’s how I feel I write songs – the good ones at least.

Thinking about…collaborations…resources…inspiration…
…and bed 😉 good night world! See you tomorrow!


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