What Lorna Knew

It doesn’t happen often that we wake up in the morning and just know. We spend our lives perceiving, pretending and assuming, but when do we ever really know?

When Lorna woke up that morning, she knew. And she knew that she knew. There was absolutely no doubt about it.

With knowing comes an absolute certainty and awareness of that knowledge. There is just one issue. That kind of knowledge can’t be shared. It can be talked about, of course, but it can’t be shared. Because whatever Lorna could say to try and convince people of what she knew to be true, it would not be the same. Solely through being told, they wouldn’t know. Whatever she would tell them, they would always have to ‘believe’ her.

Believe. What a strange word to use in that context.

So, despite this new, all-embracing, total knowledge, Lorna had to admit that she was confused. And all too quickly this knowledge that she had so unwittingly obtained became a burden. Because She knew that she knew, but no one else would ever know. And if that was the case, what was the point in even knowing?



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