on fire

Sonnwendfeuer_Foto-Fotowerk-Nusser-Aichner-615x407Rise and shine, break your bones, we haven’t seen the light
Hear your call, ​know your ropes, they’re calling you to fight
Hold your breath, count to ten, roses red and peace to men
Love your fear, fear your hopes,
you haven’t seen the light.
Never was a man so brave, shining armour, rot in grave
Roses red, peace to men, fight your corner, find your friends
Take your coat, leave your heart, leave your conscience in the dark
Roses red, peace to men,
we haven’t seen the light.
Heaven high, hell on earth, earth on fire, see the light
Price is high, hopes are higher, something will be worth the fight
Call my name, name your price, raise a storm and storm it twice
Hell on earth, peace alight
for someone’s seen the light!
©Claudia Heidegger
photo credit: http://www.angereralm.at/almurlaub/sonnwendfeier-angerer-alm-feuerbrennen-wilder-kaiser-tirol

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