Queen of the Night

QUEEN OF THE NIGHT die Geschichte einer Suche, eines Aufbruchs, einer Flucht, einer Erlösung, eines Lebens voll Geborgenheit und Angst, eines permanenten zu-sich-selbst-Findens Wer ist sie, diese Königin der Nacht? Mächtig, prachtvoll, prunkvoll? Heruntergekommen, versteckt, klein? Ein Schatten, ein Selbstbild, eine unerfüllbare Erwartung, die unser Licht, unser wahres Ich verhüllt? …are you ready to hold … More Queen of the Night

“I spent most of Saturday afternoon blindfolded. After that my tights were torn to shreds.”

“Du kannst mich nicht sehn…” Eyes wide shut, and a white blindfold covering my face…fragile sounds, fragile thoughts, a ticking clock, and somewhere glass is breaking. Plink-plank, chink-chank, clink clank clonk….through a curtain, through the looking glass… Alice and Wonderland are lost in time and a dream is creeping up on me….: …and what might that be? #dukannstmichnichtsehn … More “I spent most of Saturday afternoon blindfolded. After that my tights were torn to shreds.”

tales of red threads and great things to come

What wonderful gig we had at This Place Vienna last weekend! I got to share a magical red thread of tales, sounds and stories with the beautiful Liedermacherin Ninotschka. And right after, I went and got myself a new musical toy to play with! 🙂 A Focusrite iTrack Dock interface that links all my iPad’s music apps to the outside world! I’m especially … More tales of red threads and great things to come

FM4 Soundpark

NEWSFLASH – as of today Claudia Heidegger’s Artist Profil is featured on Austrian Radio FM4’s “Soundpark” music discovery platform! Head on over and show your support!

into my arms….

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR of 2016! May it be filled with life, love, laughter, friendship, happiness, adventure, growth, and full of song and music! With all my love, Claudia x

on fire

Rise and shine, break your bones, we haven’t seen the light Hear your call, ​know your ropes, they’re calling you to fight Hold your breath, count to ten, roses red and peace to men Love your fear, fear your hopes, you haven’t seen the light. Never was a man so brave, shining armour, rot in … More on fire

What Lorna Knew

It doesn’t happen often that we wake up in the morning and just know. We spend our lives perceiving, pretending and assuming, but when do we ever really know? When Lorna woke up that morning, she knew. And she knew that she knew. There was absolutely no doubt about it. With knowing comes an absolute … More What Lorna Knew